Quake Catcher Network The weather station unit is a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with FARS (Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield). The VP2 Pro Plus  station collects; temperature, humidity, dewpoint, barometer, rainfall, rainfall rate, Solar Raditation, U.V. Index and  windspeed and direction with 10 min averages.  This unit being wireless lends itself to a easy installation project for almost anyone. Next is the software for displaying your data in a web environment without having to know or understand a great deal about HTML code. This little gem of software is Amibents Virtual Weather Station ( Internet Edition ). It doesn't hurt to have some web language experience either. The Boltek lightning detector is a device that will monitor lightning strikes within a roughly 300 miles of my location. It has the ability to sound alarms of approaching storms and post live strikes to my site. Living in Phoenix Arizona there is only a few months of the year when monitoring lightning is at it's highest levels and interesting to monitor. Astrogenic Nexstorm is a software application that I use to enhance the features of the Boltek lightning detector for posting it's data to the site. And you can do this either as scheduled static image or via java applet for near real time observations. Astrogenic Skymet software decodes coded METAR data and displays the weather conditions in near real time. This piece of software does an excellent job of providing easily understood an eye appealing map of weather information. Very quick and easy to configure piece of software. StrikeStar is a network of Boltek lightning detectors around the United States and Canada. These detectors all send their data to a central server where the StrikeStar software developed by Astrogenic Systems triangulates their data and presents the results in near real-time NSLOG  provides the ability of taking the captured lightning strike data and overlaying on a map in real time, also a graphing capability. Which at this time I haven’t used to it’s fullest capacity. StormPredator software provides the radar tracking images from the National Weather Service Official U.S. Time Station Hardware & Software Overview Clicking on the items below will take to the appropriate website for additional information. · Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with FARS · Ambient Virtual Weather Station Software ·   Boltek LD-250 & PCI Card Lightning Detector · Astrogenic Nexstorm Lightning Software · Astrogenic Skymet Metar Maps · Strikestar · NSlog.exe ·   StormPredator · WeatherHawk  Website Disclaimer : < Please note that this data is provided for your and my enjoyment only. DO NOT use the information provided here for the protection of life or property. If you see lightning or hear thunder take immediate precautions!> West Terra Weather  Glendale, AZ 63th Ave. & Cactus    KC7FQC Amateur Radio KAZGLEND15 CWOP AS304  112.19 Lon. 33.59 Lan. 1199 Ft. Places to Visit